OnlyStoneJewelry is a handmade jewelry shop specializing in one of a kind hand cut stone and sterling silver jewelry. We use a beautiful variety of agate,quartz,and glass to name a few. Our stones come from the south western united states and around the world. We use only reputable dealers, as it is important for us to be aware of conservation and human rights issues around the world. Most of the cutting, grinding , polishing and silver work is done here by us in the U.S.A., with the exception of a few pre-cut oval cabs that I like. So, who are we? My Dad and I. Dad spent his life in the machining and optics world through his business. So when he retired and began to winter in the Anze Borrego desert outside of San Diego, he could see the beauty in the rocks of the desert. He began to buy rough stones in the local shops , bought a few tumblers and started to experiment. Of course as his daughter who enjoys spending time with my Dad, and with a background in manufacturing I jumped in as well. Before you knew it we had saws, grinders, lapping machines torches and a lot of tools.We began to create and I realized how much I enjoyed it. Next, I began to learn silver work and am still learning as it takes many years to perfect your craft. So here we are with an Etsy site, an Instagram feed, a facebook page and a web site.( and doing several shows per year. It takes time , so we just keep working, and trying to get our name out there! ONLYSTONEJEWELRY! My core belief is that I want my Jewelry to be unique, one of a kind, beautiful and TOUGH! I wear my Jewelry to bed and in the shower. Sometimes I will wear the same set for a week at a time. I want my customers to be able to do the same. Strong jewelry for strong women (and men). Stone is durable and LIGHTWEIGHT once it is cut and shaped. So welcome to OnlyStoneJewelry, and thank you,  I means a lot to us!